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About us

I’m Maud and with my business partner and best friend, Katerina, we are in our early 30’s. MaudiKa is a contraction of our forenames. Maud “i” means “&” in Bulgarian and Katerina. I’m from Paris and Katerina from Pazardjik, in Bulgaria. We met at fashion school in Paris in 2006. 

We studied fashion design and pattern making for 3 years in Paris. When we graduated, we didn’t really know what to do. But one thing for sure is that we were never particularly keen to design for some other people and respect their conditions. We always loved creating exceptional dresses rich with quirky details and decided to create our own brand after a successful mini-collection launched in a cute little shop in Paris in 2011.

We then sold our dresses online and due to the increased demand, we opened our own showroom in central Oxford in May 2017 until September 2018.

Now, we regularly send our dresses to different shops for trunk shows and are featured in several photoshoots in collaboration with local photographers.

We design and create boho and vintage inspired wedding gowns, using selected fabrics and mixing retro inspiration with everyday trends. All our dresses are unique designs and handmade only by both of us. I design, choose the fabrics and Katerina brings the dresses to life with her amazing gift! 

In October, we are starting to create the new collection, which will be under the sign of the stars! Stay tuned to discover our new range of celestial gowns! The ‘Cosmic Love’ collection will be available in January for all our 2019 brides!

We are always happy to lend our dresses for photo shoots, so photographers, please don't hesitate to ask!

For far away brides, please order through our online shop on Etsy:

Much love!